Broken Sage

Broken Peak Pack

Eleanor Ward is running. After her young son shifts in front of classmates, she needs to leave town and seek the safety of shifters she never knew existed. She never expects to find a heart-racing, butterflies-inducing crush on the complete stranger who also turns out to be her boy’s father. But is Jackson ready to be a father and a mate?

Jackson is done playing. It’s high time to settle down and learn how to alpha. He’ll lead his own pack when it’s time to leave Broken Peak behind. But when a woman he doesn’t remember and a surprise son arrive on their doorstep, his priorities change. Words like “father” and “mate” begin haunting him. So does Eleanor, whose very presence threatens all shifters.

It’s not enough to protect his pack. Jackson needs to claim his mate and keep his family safe.

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What Readers are saying

This is a great story that once I started it I couldn’t put it down. The chemistry between them is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover.

Fantastic story. Excellent addition to the series. The characters are solid and well described. You can feel the friendship in the pack. Well done!

I love Foster the wolf pup! He is so adorable. The love and protectiveness within the pack with close friends is endearing. This is a well written shifter novel with humor and page-turning drama. AND Vixen Rocks!

I love Jules’ work! I thoroughly enjoyed Vixen and Bray’s story when I read it, and this one doesn’t disappoint either!


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