Broken Rebel

Broken Peak Pack

Finley doesn’t want or need a mate. Broken Peak isn’t safe for a female or pups. But when a female he’s never met is threatened, he’s convinced the only place where she’s safe is at Broken Peak. Living with the Pack and him. As his mate.

Maggie Iotor is running for her life to a rumored place of safety and finds a sanctuary she didn’t think existed for shifters. But she needs to leave Broken Peak behind to keep the shifters who live there safe from the deranged leader of her clan set on finding her and bringing her back at whatever cost.

Can Maggie accept everything Finley and Broken Peak can give her or will she walk away from it all and turn her back on the wolf her animal has claimed as her mate?

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What Readers are saying

Maggie is hilarious!
Broken Disciple adds a new element to the Broken Peak Pack. … This intriguing paranormal tale is well-written, with humor, drama, action, and a fated mate who isn’t sure he’s ready. This smooth storyline will keep you laughing through the action as you learn more about previous characters in this series. This is a wonderful addition to the Broken Peak Pack series.

Wow. What a great story. It is exciting and full of surprises the twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire book.

The author has, once again, pulled us into the lives of the residents of Broken Peak. When Finley finds his mate, Maggie, he vows to protect her. She believes that the only way to protect him and his pack is the continue running from the deranged leader of her gaze. The story keeps you turning the pages with fear, drama, suspense and action.

Wow!!! I absolutely loved this book.


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