Broken Crown

Book 5 of
The Broken Peak Pack Series
He’ll do anything to keep his pack safe and she’ll do everything to maintain her independence. They can both get what they want … but it means faking their mating.

Allard’s been hiding a secret since the first day he arrived at Broken Peak.

His mate was chosen for him before he was born.

When Delia shows up at Broken Peak, intent on convincing Allard to go through with the mating then returning to her life in Chicago, Allard has to face his past.

There’s only one problem…

Other packs want Delia.

Delia Lyall is a rarity, she’s a pure-blooded wolf shifter and an Alpha. The only thing she cares about is duty and obligation. When Allard proposes a fake mating, she falls under the protection of Broken Peak Pack. And Allard.

With Broken Peak Pack’s safety in the balance, destiny and love confront the danger head on, will Broken Peak lose its Crown and Allard lose his mate? Or will it be enough for Allard and Delia to realize their love is real and their mating is fated?

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BPP05-Broken Crown
Published: April 27, 2021
Format(s) Available: eBook, Paperback
Main Themes: Arranged Mating, Fated Mates, Forced Proximity
Additional Tropes: Bonding, Claiming, Headstrong Heroine, Prophecy

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An Excerpt From Broken Crown



Allard’s voice was all low and growly. Nice and rough and totally unexpected from the refined voice she expected. “Allard.”

Allard stepped down and moved closer to her.

Double whoa. Yeah, Allard was big. Delia had already came to that conclusion. What she hadn’t realized that Allard was one of those sexy guys who didn’t know it, but maybe he did, except he didn’t bother to do anything to make him sexier.

Worn jeans hugged his legs, not because the jeans were tight, but because his legs were just that muscular. And the worn flannel shirt, unbuttoned at the collar, was just snug enough to showcase his broad shoulders.

She wasn’t sure what she expected exactly. After Allard ran off to the boondocks, his image stopped appearing in the social pages. But the male standing in front of her, with cheekbones that could cut glass, and a jawline only found on the photo shopped cover of a magazine, wasn’t even a glimmer in her imagination.

All things considered, maybe being mated to Allard wouldn’t be as bad as it could be. At the very least, if his personality turned out to be lacking, she could wear a pair of ear plugs and spend her time staring at him.

“I’m not sure what to say.” There was his gravelly growl again.

Delia pushed her hair behind her ear and looked past his shoulder, anything not to stare at his face. “I know Vixen said we didn’t have to mate, but I think you of all people should know what will happen if we don’t complete the agreement.”

“There are plenty of loopholes. And you might not know or trust Vixen yet, but I do, and if she says she won’t force the terms of the agreement than she won’t. And she won’t let my father, his pack, or the council force the terms either.”

“Allard, you haven’t been out of pack politics that long.” Delia swallowed the small lump in her throat, blinked back her tears, and turned to the male who she needed to convince to be her mate. “You know as well as I do that if I don’t mate you, your father will try to get the Council to transfer the terms of the agreement to your brother. And they’ll do it. The council can’t have a binding agreement between packs broken. We might as well make the best of it.”

“You might want to read that agreement again. Besides, the council doesn’t have enough teeth to win a war against Vixen.” Allard shoved his hands deep into his pockets and rocked back on his heels. “So, no, Delia. I’m not prepared to mate you.Or at least I won’t until it’s not because of some agreement made between our fathers before we were even born.”

Allard turned his back to Delia, a brave move considering she had a dominant wolf inside her and was born an alpha. But Delia wasn’t considering pouncing on his back, she was too busy staring at his broad shoulders and the nice way his waist narrowed so his jeans hung just right on his hips and showcased one of the best asses she’d seen.


What had he said about mating? Not the part about him not thinking he’d mate her, but that he wouldn’t do it because of an agreement.

Did that mean he’d want to mate her for other reasons?