Broken Witch

Book 6 of
The Broken Peak Pack Series
He's resigned to his fate as the last unmated male in Broken Peak Pack and she's fulfilling a thousands year old promise. But she's his true mate and the one who will bring magic to Broken Peak ... if he can keep her safe.

Tevin is the only member of Broken Peak Pack without a mate and doesn’t want one. He’s fine with the one night stands that don’t lead anywhere. Not if it means bringing a woman into the dangerous world of the shifters.

And then he finds Cassandra. She’s not like any of the others - strong, independent, elegant, and sexy. Everything he and his wolf want, even if it’s only for one night.

Cassandra is in War because of a promise made by an ancestor. She has every intention of leaving town, but fate has other plans for her. One night with of unbridled passion with a man, who happens to also be a shifter, has an unintended consequence.

An unplanned pregnancy.

But that’s not the only secret she’s hiding from the shifter who hasn’t left her thoughts since she first laid eyes on him.

Cassandra’s a witch.

With her life in jeopardy, fate and love face the danger. Will Broken Peak lose its witch and Tevin lose his mate. Or can Tevin keep the woman he loves safe?

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BPP06-Broken Witch
Published: May 21, 2021
Format(s) Available: eBook, Paperback
Main Themes: Accidental Pregnancy, And Baby Makes Three, Fated Mates, Forced Proximity
Additional Tropes: Bonding, Headstrong Heroine, Prophecy

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An Excerpt From Broken Witch

An Excerpt from Broken Witch

Movement in Tevin’s peripheral vision yanked him out of his melancholy and he turned his attention to the man talking with Delia and Allard.

The man was unfamiliar, but he spoke with Allard as though they knew one another.

Tevin narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. No unfamiliar scents from fur. However, there was a slightly odd scent of magic. And not like the not-human magic that Vixen had. This was old magic.

The last time he remembered smelling old magic in the air was just before the female came and picked him up off the street.

“What is it?” Finley asked.

“Nothing. Just thought I saw someone I recognized.”

“Who?” Maggie’s head spun around as she scanned the bar, but Finley wrapped his arm around her neck before she drew attention to the rest of the pack standing at the table.

“Don’t worry about it, Pocket. This was Tevin’s favorite hangout. I’d be surprised if he didn’t see someone he knew here.”

Tevin kept his gaze locked on the man as he turned away from Allard and Delia and melted into the crowd.

Unfortunately Tevin’s excuse didn’t prevent the litany of questions the rest of the pack shot out at Delia and Allard as soon as they returned.

When Allard didn’t answer any questions about the man with the old Magic and Delia changed the subject, Tevin shifted around the table so he had a better view of the bar. He wasn’t certain why he expected it, maybe it was his wolf who alerted him, but he wasn’t surprised when the bell above the door rang. He was the last of his pack to look to the door.

Three males stood in front of the door and scented the air. Just as the five males from Broken Peak were doing.

“Five to three.”

Of course, Leighton would be the one spoiling for a fight. And from the looks of the males, they could handle five males. They probably would lose, but not before inflicting a lot of damage. The best action was not to fight, but explaining that to Leighton would fall on deaf ears.

“Excuse me.” The female’s voice was deep and husky and sent a tingle down Tevin’s spine.

Shit. He hadn’t even seen her and he wanted a taste of her.

“I said, excuse me.”

The female pushed through the wall of males and emerged on the other side in full view of the entire room.

Fuck him. She looked as good as she sounds. Tall, like really tall, since the top of her head hit somewhere between the males’ noses and chins. Her long blond hair fell down past her shoulders. And whad’ya know? Her body was rocking too. All curves and swells. She looked like she came right out of one of those old movies.

“Didn’t your mamas teach you boys any manners?” She didn’t wait for a response before sashaying her way through the crowd to the bar. “Sheesh, you’d think you’d been born in a barn.”

And just like that, the night turned from a boring love fest into a different kind of love fest. “Am I needed here? Or do you all think you can handle this. Because there’s a woman over there who has my name written all over her.”

“Yeah, go for it.”

Allard gave Tevin the okay and he grabbed both his beers then headed toward the delightful woman. “Don’t wait for me, I’ll make my own way home.”

After he spent most of the night with the blond, because there was no way he wouldn’t find a way to spend as much time as he could with her.

The way she waved to get the bartender’s attention, all bent over the bar with her ass up in the air drove Tevin wild. And then the female had the audacity to kick up a leg and every man within a ten-foot radius eyed her.

Nope. Wasn’t happening. Not if Tevin had anything to do with it.