Character Interview: Maggie Iotor

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Character Interview: Maggie Iotor

Name: Margret (Maggie) Ioter

Age: 24

Occupation: Thief

Where were you born and raised? Moundsville, WV

What was your childhood like? Well, I grew up in what is pretty much a cult with extremely violent tendencies and a leader who “liked” teen-age boys, arranged all marriages, and got off on seducing wives away from husbands, so let’s just go with problematic and not a typical childhood?

Describe your family and childhood friends. Are you still close to them? Gazes are sort of permanent. Raccoon shifters can’t really leave, at least not in a healthy and functional way. I can’t say I was ever close to the kits my age, but I am close to my father. My mother is all in with the Gaze, my father not so much.

Did you enjoy going to school? What were your favorite subjects? Kits are schooled on the commune, as most contact with outsiders is heavily regulated. Since school on the commune didn’t include traditional subjects, unless memorizing mantras and chants praising the leaders counts as a subject, I can’t say I had a favorite subject. And in case it’s not clear, I did not enjoy school.

What I did enjoy was the lessons my father took the time to teach me behind my mother’s back. And of those lessons, I really loved reading. Dad had a library of older books stashed away and I read all of them many times over. I think my favorite is The Source by Michener.

Did you graduate from high school? College? What impact has education had on your life? Nope. Can’t even say I graduated from grade school. We didn’t have “graduations”. Instead, once we became strong enough in our “teacher’s” eyes, they phased out lessons and just assigned us to physical labor type jobs.

The more attractive of us went out in the world to raise money. We panhandled, stole, and prostituted ourselves to make money for the leaders.

What is your religious background? Read above.

Do you consider yourself a moral person? I’d love to say yes, but even in the world of shifters, raccoons rank as the least liked and trustworthy. We tend to be really good thieves and we also tend to lean towards kleptomania. We can’t help ourselves. We see something shiny and we want it. And we’ll usually take it. Depending on who we took from, we might return it. In which case, it’s not stealing as much as borrowing.

How far will you go to defend your convictions? Eh, in the place I grew up, it was best not to have any convictions, and if you were stupid enough to have them, you kept as quiet as possible about them. That’s not to say I don’t have any, just that they haven’t fully emerged yet. But once they do, I’ll happily bite the faces off of anyone who threatens them. So, I’d kill to defend my convictions. I’d feel bad for a while afterward, but I would regret it.

Have you ever done anything you’re ashamed of? I lived inside a cult for my entire life. Keeping silent was a habit formed by self-preservation. I wished I had been stronger and capable of standing up for myself and others, but… No. I don’t want to talk about that any more. Next Question.

What are your feelings about sex? How do these feelings affect your relationships? Well, considering I spend most of my life post-puberty looking as unattractive as possible and avoiding any of the leaders looking at me more than once… Let’s just say, I think I’d enjoy it. With the right guy. Or gal. I think I lean towards the guys, but I don’t want to rule the gals out either. I mean, 24 years in a cult where sexuality is repressed unless it’s serving the leaders, I’m just gonna count it as a win if I don’t have a freak out to outshine all freak outs.

As far as the relationship thing goes, I’m sure it would be nice to have one, but in my current state, I can’t afford to have one.

Are you an emotional person? Describe your temperament. Oh nope. No way, not in a million years. Well, yes, I am, but not that I’ve ever showed them. Until I left Moundsville. Most people would call me reactionary, but I’d call it embracing life and refusing to hide behind a facade.

Do you have any phobias? Bad habits? Pet peeves? Phobias? Yeah, cults and anything that is slightly based on what someone insists is a religion, but so totally isn’t. More recently, I’ve developed a strong dislike of phones. Bad habits? I think we can safely say my attraction to shiny things. Pet Peeves. Loud eaters and drinkers. Annoys the shit out of me. Oh and people who talk on the speaker phone.

What do you look like? Are you happy with your appearance? Um, well, sort of just like everyone eels. Brown hair, brown eyes, and some freckles when I spend time in the sun. I’m on the shorter side, including short legs. Jumping is not something I am particularly good at. Someone might describe me as squat, but I think I am more compact.

What is your most cherished possession? Why do you cherish it? It’s a toss up between my copy of The Source and a pocket knife. Finley gave me the knife, and the book was really only thing I was able to take with me when I left the compound. And the knife is shiny.

Do you have any pets? Nope. Quite frankly, I’m surprised a hamster has actually survived at Broken Peak. Really, he should have had a heart attack by now.

Do you have any enemies? Why do they oppose you? Um, yeah. The entire gaze. Do you want the reason the leaders probably tell themselves or the real reason? Defying leadership means I won’t be “saved” so I need to be brought back to the Gaze or spend my afterlife in a place worse than hell (I think they need to redefine what they think is hell because life in the Gaze is a hundred times worse than anything I’ve heard about hell). The real reason is that if I can succeed in running away and defying the leaders, so can others. The leaders are scared and have to bring me back and punish me if they want to keep control of the Gaze.

What is your occupation? Is it your dream job? Um, evader of Gaze enforcers? I guess I’m a thief. And I’m pretty good at it. So my dream job would be a thief, but only taking from people who deserve it.

What goal would you most like to achieve? I’m going to go with the basics of just staying alive.

What do you hope you life will be like in ten years? Alive and not back with the Gaze. I’m a simple girl with simple goals.

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