Fatherhood, Shifters, & Ridiculous Halloween Traditions

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Fatherhood, Shifters, & Ridiculous Halloween Traditions

As Halloween approaches, well a month away, but it still approaches, Halloween movies are airing on cable TV and spotlighted on streaming services. As much as I love Tim Curry in the Worst Witch… I love Tim Curry in Clue even more. But then the film also includes the comedy genius of Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, Michael McKean, Eileen Brennan, and for those who love WKRP in Cincinnati, Howard Hesseman makes an appearance at the end.

Clue is the first movie we watch to start our month longer celebration. (Which also includes sending gifs of our favorite movies to each other.)

Trick or Treat, it's almost Halloween

And let’s not forget Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or Beetlejuice.

All of these great movies are part of our family Halloween tradition. But because we are slightly twisted, we’ve added a Halloween Special to our Halloween tradition. This isn’t for the faint of heart or, really even the sober.  You can find it on Youtube and it’s only about 50 minutes, but it will feel like half a lifetime. However, it is worth it just to see it once. It’s up there with the Star Wars Christmas Special.

I present you with the scariest Halloween special ever produced, complete with special appearances from Kiss, Donny & Marie, Betty White, and so many others…

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what this all has to do with fatherhood, shifters, and the Alphas of Broken Peak Pack? And maybe even wondering what’s with all the gifs?

Well, the next book, Broken Bond (which was supposed to be released last week, but hit an editing delay – hoping for it to go live by Thursday or Friday, assuming my proofreader’s schedule can accommodate a fast turnaround) explores the concept of fatherhood and the difference between being a father versus being a dad. And the gifs are just because I was looking for an image and found the gifs instead and couldn’t resist.

Jackson gets to navigate becoming a father, finding his mate, wrangling a curious pup, and fending off a nosy alpha female, all while Bray adds a running commentary as everything transpires and laughs from the sidelines.

Along the way, I found myself adding little scenes where Jackson gets to showoff what he believes to be his horrible skills as father. No one else believes he’s a bad father, inexperienced and prone to make a lot of mistakes, but not bad.  And this is where our Halloween tradition of watching The Paul Lynde Halloween Special makes a full circle.

It’s a horrible show and it’s painful to watch, but we don’t care because it’s not about the show, but instead what it represents to us. And because, if we’re completely honest, we love inflicting the torture on others and watching as they come to the slow realization that it doesn’t get better, and Paul Lynde kissing Florence Henderson is something you will never unsee.

There are no spectacular father son scenes, like in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner’s character plays catch with his father, but there are lots of small scenes (scenes I hope parents can relate to) focusing on just how special the ordinary can be.

Just like Bray isn’t the typical Alpha, Jackson isn’t the typical father. But just like I tried to avoid a domineering alpha in Bray, I also tried to avoid the too perfect atypical father.

Read an excerpt from Broken Bond.

Annnnd as an early treat, I’ve also decided to write a short bonus story (it will be exclusive to members of my newsletter, so if you haven’t already, fill out the sign up form at the top of this page) about Halloween with the Broken Peak Pack. It will only be a few thousand words, but I love the idea of figuring out how they handle holidays and traditions.

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