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February 26, 2021
So part of my New Year’s Resolution is adding a regular blog post to my schedule? Why? Why not? I’m already 43 days off schedule. I’ve tried to keep my private life private and in doing so, I have fallen into a trap. I can make an announcement, but then something unexpected happens that veers to the personal and it becomes hard to explain it. So, I figured a blog post was a good way to keep the personal separate from everything else (my newsletter and Shifter Central). I’ll make announcements about my blog posts in my newsletter and
February 26, 2020
So, recently I moved hosts, and I also moved newsletter services. In the process, I screwed up. I knew this would go pear shaped, although it didn’t go as pear-shaped as it could have. I think. Or a least I hope. Without getting into the technical, some pages didn’t get moved off of testing. No big deal really in the long run, but it can be a problem in the short term. What does the above mean? Nothing except some subscription pages are wonky as is the unsubscribe page. In the short term, if you click the unsubscribe link
November 26, 2019
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Of course it does, Jules. We learned this in elementary school. Even Foster, who’s almost four, probably knows this, so what’s the big deal? The big deal is I planned for Broken Bond to release on the 26th, but didn’t do a pre-order (I should have) because I wanted to be 100% certain it was ready to go before I hit publish. Broken Bond went from a planned 35,000 words (a novella) to 55,000 words (a novel) and took on a life of its own. Well, specifically, Halloween in Broken Peak took on
October 19, 2019
I don’t want to call it writer’s block, because it isn’t. I’ve experienced the curse that is the block and it’s nothing I ever want to relive again. I doubt I will be able to avoid it in the future, but what I experienced with Chapter 6 was definitely not writer’s block. I experienced Writer’s Obstacle. Since I added several scenes to the beginning of the book, I had to do some major rewriting of later chapters. And one of those chapters is Chapter 6. The problem is I knew where I wanted the chapter to go, but I

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